Kashif Qadri


Mahresh Rawra

My biggest wedding fear was the turn out of my wedding pics. After receiving my wedding pics, I couldn't thank Kashif enough for his talented work. I strictly believe in candid photos- since who has the time and energy to listen to someones instruction during ones hectic and anxiety full wedding week. I was scared of coming across a photographer who would constantly ask me to fix my duppatta, tikka, posture, etc. while he photographed me. Kashif did nothing like that. He understood exactly what I wanted on our first meeting. He captured every moment of my Big Day from candids of our guests, the cake display to the center pieces. His event photography is simply amazing. However, I believe he needs a little more improvement on couples photo shoot poses. Thank you Kashif once again for such an amazing work. I go through my wedding pics every day :P

Madiha Haider Arsalan

I had been following Kashif's work since he started and I never had any doubts that he is such a camera eyed person, that is why i opted him to make my wedding photo album, and as expected they were up to my expectations. Although now about more than year has passed to the ceremony but still when i look at the pictures, it makes me fe...el as it was yesterday and also makes me feel so good that i see it again and again. Every single relative, friend and family member has appreciated his work at full, all the three occasions were gr8 in pix. Thanks to Kashif Qadri Photography for creating such a beautiful memory tool for me. I wish him all the best in his future assignments and i am sure he will grow better and better only in his field. Keep on the magical work and keep shooting people from the perfect angle. Good Luck!

Muneeza Imam

I wish i knew about Kashif Qadri Photography when I had gotten married!! Outstanding photographer!! He did the event photography at my daughter's Bismillah and the results were superlatively splendid!! He definitely knows his way with the camera and of each and every aspect of the party he is doing the coverage of, for that matter. Keep it up Kashif, you are definitely gonna go a long way!!

Thanks for the amazing photography!
Drs. Muneeza & Ashar Imam.

Anica Moiz

its been five months since my wedding and i still am not over my wedding pics.. amazing poses and angles captured by Kashif. though i am an advertiser and have worked with numerous famous photographers but haven't seen any one so passionate abt their job..i had to tell kashif to go have dinner and take a break as all he was interested in was the clicks! love the albums!
Anika & Moiz

Sabbah Rahooja

I've had a good experience with Kashif covering my wedding photographs. One of the best things i liked about Kashif (apart from his photography ofcourse) is the fact that he is an extremely easy person to work with. He makes sure that the person being photographed is comfortable and he's willing to work around another's requirements and expectations. I know for sure he'll rise !

About his work, well it speaks for itself. He is a creative photographer on the rise. Thank you for making an effort and working hard on one of the most important days of ones life. And I hope to boast one day that THE Kashif Qadri WAS the one who covered my wedding :). Wish you all the best !!

Sara Mehkari

Kashif did the photography for my engagement and my brothers wedding and we were pleasantly surprised by the time effort and creativity put in for the production of a beautiful album. I think pictures are one of the most anticipated parts of a wedding especially for the bride and having been one myself i think Kashif Qadri created a masterpiece!

Arsalan Mohammad Ashfaq

Well done Kashif, I always knew you had the spark!!! amazed to see your work online.

Talha Khan

Apart from his amazing fidelty, loyality and sincerity with the clients, his asthetic sense and daring attitude to take out of the box shoots makes him distingvished among other photographers. He has certainly proved the mettle in my brother's wedding.

For me he is the five star photographer.

Faizan & Sabika

I simply love Kashif’s photography. That’s why I got him to do my wedding photos. Best thing about Kashif’s work is that he owns it at the same time he is extremely creative. He can always find his way in to the family and mingle up with all, making all the members comfortable and letting them enjoy all the photography experience. The photos, results, albums and most of all experience … all is great…

Tehreem & Nedeem

Kashif is a great photographer! He takes the most natural pictures, which best capture the emotions of the people being photographed. He is really easy going, taking pictures as you would like and are most comfortable in. The colours, the shots and the emotions captured in it all combine to produce a great photograph and obviously speak about the man behind the camera. My wedding pictures were enjoyed by many people. I would highly recommend Kashif and wish him the very best in the future!